Xinhai always pays close attention to technological innovation. Adhering to the core concept of technology achievement future and technology as the first productivity, Xinhai has built 5 professional technology institutes (Mining Design Institute with Class A Certification, Machine Design Institute, Mineral Processing Institute, Rubber Research Institute, Comprehensive Utilization of Tailings Institute) and gathers more than 200 scientific research technical personnel and more than 10 top experts in mine field. In 20 years, Xinhai has made hundreds of technology innovation and 60 invention and utility model patents, and the rubber processing by liquid phase developed by Rubber Research Institute was identified by Chinese Shandong Science and Technology Department of Shandong China as the international advanced technology.

Our Achievements


Mining companies and rubber industry co "Wear-Resistant Natural Rubber Industrialization Project" developed by Xinhai Company was identified by Science and Technology Department of Shandong China. The performance of Xinhai rubber products reached the international advanced level; Yantai Xinhai Mining Group co-organized China kaolin innovation forum and the Clay Minerals Congress


In March 2012, 3 production plants completed, production base reaching 20 acres .In August 2012, Xinhai internal restructuring and reform, carried out the equity incentive and entered the listing process. In November 2012, flotation cell (total cross-section, air-lift, micro bubble) is successfully developed. Tested by practice, it can make whole flotation system save electricity about 50%.


In June 2011, The establishment of the Tailings Comprehensive Utilization Institute. In September 2011, contracted feldspar ore project became national green mine. In October 2011, 22 approved patents including 4 invention patents, the development of flotation cell (total cross-section, air-lift, micro bubble) made significant progress.


In August 2009, investment of feldspar, feldspar finishing project started. In September 2009, Xinhai developed the third generation of tailings dry stacking.